Causality Agency

Causality Agency

Result-driven digital productions correlating the cause to the effect.

Our input and output

We conduct result-driven solutions within digital and communication. Our production output is websites, apps, strategies, tools and proactive maintenance. Everything we produce is based on business analysis and tracking, correlating the cause to the effect

Things we do

We develop and maintain growth enhancing digital solutions


We develop websites based on UX, design and desired user behavior. Whenever possible, we perceive the website as an on-going evolution for constant improvements by user-driven analysis.

Mobile apps

When producing mobile apps, we always make sure that it is accessible for wherever and how the user is interacting depending on location as well as the preferred device.


Our strategies are meant to drive change, not to produce buzzwords. If the strategy is not actionable for all concerned, it will not succeed. If the strategy is not implemented, it is just string of words.


We are passionate about creation and seek out ideas even when there is not a client behind it. It is a great way of learning by doing. That is why we also start up products internally or with external product managers.

Agile and rapid processes


We put a great deal of effort in understanding what should be done and how our clients monetary operates. This is a collaborative process making sure that we focus on what matters and not fluffy cute ideas.


Knowing what needs to change we start to explore how this can be done. We research both external and internal influences such as trends and processes. This allows us to set up ambitions and metrics to measure a successful production.


We work with short cycles and an interactive work process to ensure we stay on track of the analysis and involve all stakeholders in the loop. When applicable we use prototypes to gain user-driven insights.


We care about tracking the results, not to brag or being uncertain but for learning what should be done next time around. It is from these learnings we gain knowledge on how to be even more successful.

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